Department contributes towards empowerment of young women

Lebo Mabe June 25, 2018 0

Department contributes towards empowerment of young women.

It is imperative for women to occupy the centre stage in order to make sure that the African continent is full with gender parity. The empowerment and development of young women is central to the Department, thus the annual “Take a girl child to work” programme was hosted with Grade 12 learners from Hodisa Technical High School at Adelaide Tambo Hall.

Director for Human Resources in the Department, Stan Diakos, welcomed the girls and had this to say, “As a Department that is highly technical, our responsibility today is about exposing you to the world of technical work.”

“There are various career opportunities available in the technical world, so please enjoy the day with us and make great use of the opportunity you have been afforded with.”

Nicholas Neniels, the Media and Parliamentary Liaison Officer in the office of the MEC gave a motivational talk to the young learners, “As a young woman make sure that you are focused, keep your eyes on your goal. In life there is time for everything. As young women, do not rush into having boyfriends, as that may lead you guys into teenage pregnancy. Remember that you are the only wealth that you have,” Neniels said.

Learners were exposed to different professions within the Department by pairing them with mentors from the following Directorates: IT, Quantity Survey, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic planning, Property management, Law and Engineering.

Moratehi Ndlebe; Chief Director highlighted to the enthusiastic learners that there is a great gap in the technical industry. “There is a need for technical people in the works environment and the opportunities are enormous. Currently the country does not have enough architects, there’s a shortage of artisans. Do not make the mistake of looking down on the artisan trade,” said Mr Ndlebe. Artisans amongst other things are responsible for the following: Carpentry, Painting Plumbing and Bricklaying.

Vuyiswa Malaku from Special Programmes Unit encouraged the learners to share information with their peers and those that were not able to attend so the impact of the day could be greater.

One of the learners Thabelang Ramphana who was paired with the Director for IT said that she was happy for the opportunity. “I’m grateful for this wonderful exposure into the world of IT. After today, I am more excited and certain that IT is the career path I want to follow,” said Ramphana.

The HOD for the Department; Gadija Brown encouraged the young learners to work hard and adopt professionalism as a trait. “This industry requires a lot of professionalism; which will come through your hard work as you build yourselves as brands. Give your all, show dedication and always go an extra mile and keep going even when things do not go your way.” said the HOD

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