Youth Development Programme comes to light through partnership between Public Works & Sasol

Lebo Mabe July 30, 2018 0

Youth Development Programme comes to light through partnership between Public Works & Sasol

On 15 June 2018, Department in partnership with Sasol Company, launched a youth development programme tailored to benefit 100 young people of Zamdela, Sosolburg. The youth comprises of, those who are not employed, not in education or training (NEET) between the ages of 18 and 35.

The programme, will be implemented through the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). The intake of these Participants will run for a period of nine month with focus areas on skills training and development, an intervention that provides general and life skills training, access to practical work experience and mentoring. The programme started on 1 March 2018 and will run until 30 November 2018.

“Sasol recognises that we have an important role to play in socio economic development of our people particularly in the communities in which we operate,” said Charlotte Mokoena, Sasol’s Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Corporate Affairs. “Partnering with the Department of Public Works & Infrastructure, in this programme is one of the ways in which we contribute in addressing unemployment and skills shortage facing our young people,” said Mokoena.

The young people in this programme are contributing in solving community challenges by performing activities such as cleaning of streets, cemeteries and illegal dumps whilst developing other useful skills that can help them become active participants in our local economy.

The areas of development will include painting, fencing, tiling and basic computer skills. Whilst doing this they are also receiving a monthly allowance as a means of financial support.

One of the participants, Palesa Boniswa, was so happy and excited to be part of the programme. “I was just sitting at home doing nothing, before I joined the programme. I was hopeless without any source of income. But now I’m relieved as this programme will put food on my table and also enhance my skills.”

“This programme provides an important avenue for labour absorption and income transfer to poor households in the short to medium term. It is a deliberate attempt by the Public Sector Bodies to use expenditure on goods and services to create work opportunities for the unemployed under the Ministerial Conditions of Employment,” said Kopung Ralikontsane, Director General, Free State Province.

The success of the programme will be measured by the degree to which the young people find a clear sense of purpose for themselves and their enablement to participate in many developmental opportunities such as furthering their studies on specific fields, entering the job market and possibly be selfemployed.

“Sasol Company and the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure are proud of this initiative,” said Mr Ralikontsane.

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