Men and Boys against gender based violence

Lebo Mabe February 1, 2019 0


South Africa has over the years seen the rise of gender based violence. This makes it a societal dilemma which means that society needs to be part of the solution to this unsolicited epidemic of gender based violence.

Multiple research has shown that men are the primary perpetrators of violence against women and girls. Thus as a solution or prevention effort, men and boys need to be part of dialogues and activities aimed at eradicating gender based violence.

As a government department that is committed to play its role in tackling the scourge of gender based violence, the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure through its Special Programmes Unit held a Men and Boy dialogue session on 31 October at the Adelaide Tambo hall.

The aim of the session was to create a platform where men and boys could discuss issues affecting them and also discuss gender role expectations which lead to gender based violence in an effort to correct these.

The session was graced by the presence of the chairperson of the Free State House of Traditional Leaders, Kgosigadi Moroka and the Media Liaison Officer from the Office of the MEC, Nicolas Neniels. Other stakeholders who took part in the session were representatives from the Commission for Gender Equality, Love life, Human Rights Commission and boys from Hodisa Technical School.

During the session it was decided that Love Life will adopt Hodisa Technical School and work hand-in-hand with the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure in formulating ways to overcome gender based violence in communities.

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