Gender mainstreaming for women in the Department

Lebo Mabe October 23, 2019 0


Gender equality and women empowerment remains at the centre of any development dialogue from both a Global and Regional perspective. In response to the Head of Department’s (HOD) 8 Principle Action Plan, the Department hosted the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) at the Adelaide Tambo Hall in Bloemfontein.

Special Programmes Unit, Vuyiswa Malaku started the day with a presentation on the 8 principles and further emphasized the importance of eradicating non-sexism in all its forms within the Department. In attendance upon invite, was Nomsa Nabo, the Provincial Manager for CGE, who reminded those in attendance that equality is a basic human right issue. Nabo encouraged that women should make efforts to understand the different international, regional and national laws that are available to protect their rights.

Director from the Internal Audit Unit Refilwe Mocwaledi, was leading the programme for the day and was accompanied by Departmental female senior managers who also showed their support towards advancing gender equality in the workplace. Amongst them was Masego Tshabalala, Chief Director for Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) who gave background and purpose for the session and also emphasised the Department’s commitment towards acceleration of women development. She pointed out the increasing number of women that are being promoted to senior posts. “It is our responsibility as senior managers to ensure that gender equality is institutionalized in this Department,” said Tshabalala.

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