“We promise, we deliver,” MEC Koloi

Lebo Mabe October 23, 2019 0


Public Works, Infrastructure and Human Settlements MEC, Motshidise Koloi left an ever-lasting memory in the hearts and minds of a Thaba Nchu family.

This comes after the rape and murder of “Baby Naledi” a four year old daughter to Mme Chaka. Upon receiving the news of Baby Naledi’s ordeal, Madam Premier in the Province, Mme SH. Ntombela stepped-in to offer a helping hand. This was when the Premier got into discussion with MEC Koloi and agreed that the Chaka Family had to be built a home.

Indeed within the space of three weeks, MEC Koloi had delivered on the commitment and she had reported to the Premier that the house was ready for hand-over to the family.

An emotional prayer session was held at the site of the newly built house as Premier Ntombela sought it ethically sound to celebrate the memories and happy days of “Little Naledi” than to hold grudges and cry about the plight of the family.

“Madam Premier, Ntombela together with MEC Koloi and the FSPG leadership actually, really turned our lives around ka ntlo ena, we are really happy and humbled,” concluded Mme Chaka.

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