Budget & Procurement

Budget Programme

The budget of the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure comprises of three main programmes, namely:

  • Programme 1: Administration
  • Programme 2: Public Works
  • Works Design, Construction and Maintenance
  • Property Management
  • Security Services
  • Programme 3: Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)

Programme 1:  Administration

The aim of this programme is to provide the Department with administrative, strategic, financial and corporate support services in order to ensure that it delivers on its mandate in an integrated, efficient, effective and sustainable manner.This includes publicly funded goods and services utilized for governance, management, research and administration, as well as general office services. Included in Administration are services such as information technology, organizational development, communication, internal audit, legal services and research development.

Programme 2: Public Works

The aim of the programme is to provide accommodation for all provincial departments, manage the provincial property and asset portfolio for the optimum benefit of government and render professional and technical services to client departments in respect of buildings and related infrastructure.


The main priorities under this programme include;

  • Transformation of the Property Industry including Property Incubation Programme
  • Acquisition of strategic assets for government use
  • Consolidated accommodation for government departments
  • Transformation of construction industry.
  • Implementation of the National Infrastructure Maintenance Strategy (NIMS)
  • Improved image of government properties
  • Roll-out of the Government – wide Immovable Asset Management Act
  • Implementation of energy saving measures
  • Enhance and accelerate infrastructure delivery to meet client needs.
  • Implementation of a Competitive Asset Management Strategy
  • Compliance to Occupational Health and Safety requirements
  • Completion of a credible Asset Register

Works Design, Construction and Maintenance

The sub-programme is responsible to design and construct new facilities and to upgrade, rehabilitate and maintain existing facilities as identified in consultation with the Client Departments. The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure is the implementing agent of the provincial departments with regard to construction and maintenance of provincial infrastructure.

Property Management

The sub-programme is responsible to manage the property portfolio of the province, provide accommodation for all provincial departments and other institutions as well as acquisition and disposal of land and property. Key priorities include:

  • Transformation of the property industry which entails changing the patterns of ownership where Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs) own properties
  • Disposal of redundant properties
  • Render utilities management service to the property portfolio
  • Maintenance of gardens on provincial government owned properties and cleanliness of buildings:

The property incubator programme is an enterprise development programme which seeks to:

  • Address the imbalances of the past in the property sector
  • Guarantee entry and growth of black owned enterprises into the property market
  • Promote strategic intervention by government in all sectors of the property industry
  • Create an ambience where targeted property related businesses are able to acquire empowerment opportunities, related skills and competencies in order to compete independently for opportunities in the industry.

Security Services

This sub programme also provides physical and electronic security at buildings which are occupied by more than one department. This sub-programme also provides for the protection of political office bearers and securing their houses. It manages the in-house and contract security as needed for buildings and houses, monitoring and operation of the security systems.

Programme 3:  Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP)

The Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) is one of the South African Government’s short-to-medium term programmes aimed at the provision of additional work opportunities, coupled with training.It is a national programme covering all spheres of government and state-owned enterprises. The EPWP involves interventions in four sectors, namely: Infrastructure, Economic; Social, Environmental and Cultural sectors.

Community Development

The coordination of the development and empowerment of impoverished communities to facilitate the achievement of the priority of the massification of the EPWP is another focus area.

Innovation and Empowerment

Contractor empowerment, development and training are included under Innovation and Empowerment.  An extensive learnership programme is also implemented with the support of the Wholesale and Retail Sector Education Training Authority.