Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get information about tenders?

The Department publishes its tender advertisements, a list of tenders received and the results of the tender process in the Provincial Tender Bulletin and on its website.

What tenders and projects fall within the mandate of the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure?

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure is responsible for the tender process and implementation of all infrastructure projects in the Free State with a value exceeding R10million. Provincial departments are responsible for the tender processes and implementation of infrastructure projects below R10million.

What is the Expanded Public Works Programme?

The Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) is a programme designed to alleviate poverty through the creation of work opportunities for the unemployed, using public sector expenditure. It builds on existing best-practice government infrastructure and social programmes, either by deepening their labour absorption or extending them.

What is the Expanded Public Works Programme (Phase Two)?

The Expanded Public Works Programme Phase 2 was launched in April 2009. The goal of EPWP phase 2 is to create 2 million full time equivalent (FTE) jobs for poor and unemployed people in South Africa so as to contribute to halving unemployment by 2014, through the delivery of public and community services. This translates to 4,5 million (short and on-going) work opportunities. The average duration of employments is assumed to be 100 days. This will scale up from 500 000 work opportunities in 2009 to 1, 5 million in 2014.

What is the Property Incubator Programme?

The Property Incubator Programme (PIP) is an enterprise development initiative that seeks to provide entry and growth of black-owned enterprises into the property industry.  It also assists to unlock obstacles to property ownership by black people through looking into a variety of suitable financial models and making these available to potential black property entrepreneurs.