Delivery Agreement

Outcome 4 Delivery Agreement

Decent Employment through Inclusive Economic Growth


Outcome 4 focuses on the creation of decent employment through inclusive economic growth. Delivering on the creation of decent work through inclusive growth will require cooperation amongst government departments, state agencies and stronger participation of social partners in the development and implementation of government policies.The agreement is a negotiated charter which reflects the commitment of the partners involved in the direct delivery process to working together to undertake activities effectively and on time to produce mutually agreed upon outputs which will contribute to achieving Outcome 4.This agreement ensures common focus by all provinces and all of government on government’s core agenda such as provision of basic services, infrastructure, job creation, economic empowerment, poverty eradication, health, education, creation of human settlements etc. All of government has a stake in the 12 Outcomes of which ours is one.

A key characteristic of this agreement therefore is that it is intergovernmental and places emphasis on partnership, integrated planning and implementation; and overall coordination of government effort in providing for its citizens and ensuring an economically and socially stable country.As an agreement that seeks to focus on key issues op cooperation towards achieving provincial and national outcomes, this agreement has specific outputs with targets, key indicators and activities to achieve the outcome. The outcomes apply to all of government and are long term. As with any agreement, this agreement will be monitored and evaluated annually. This review will allow for review with a view to improvements. The annual reviews are linked to the budgeting process naturally for linking any changes to the budget demands and confines.

What will be done differently?

The creation of decent employment opportunities is an outcome of most, if not all government initiatives. This agreement focuses on the fundamental outputs that would need to be achieved in the current administration period, to promote employment creation and increase the number of decent jobs, stimulate inclusive growth and further diversify the economy towards more employment generating and higher value added activities.


Main outputs identified to achieve this outcome as follows;

  • Faster and sustainable inclusive growth
  • More labour absorbing growth
  • Multi-pronged strategy to reduce youth unemployment
  • Increased competitiveness to raise net exports, grow trade as a share of world trade and improve its composition
  • Improved cost structure in the economy
  • Improved support to small business and cooperatives
  • Implementation of the Expanded Public Works Programme

The Role of Public Works

The Department of Public Works plays a significant role in achieving the following;

  • With regard to spatial programmes, government should target economic plans to distressed areas and regions. For this purpose, a systematic identification of locations with high joblessness and poverty will be undertaken and communicated for use in targeting Community Works Programmes and other programmes in the short run. In addition, a spatial perspective will be developed that identifies likely scenarios for settlement patterns and economic activities.
  • Reducing youth unemployment. Activities in this area include: (i) Reviewing the legislative environment, (ii) Identifying the desirable scope, with budgets, of youth brigades and other forms of public employment, (iii) Conducting an assessment of the potential youth wage subsidy including an experiment, (iv) Improving education performance and skills development in the schooling and further education system, (v) Improving the public employment services available to the youth to aid matching of skills, job search, career guidance and counselling, skills development and job placement, (vi) Establishing a monitoring system with regular reports on progress and (vii) Strengthen relationships with the NYDA and other youth services agencies.
  • Implementation of the Expanded Public Works Programme, including the expansion of the scope and duration of public employment and expansion of employment in the social, infrastructure and environmental sectors.

The Delivery Agreement is available in the Resource Centre.