The Department is at the centre of providing leadership in provincial infrastructure planning anddevelopment.The performance delivery environment of the Department’s mandate with regard to infrastructure is constituted by the following;

Works Design, Construction and Maintenance

The Department is responsible to design and construct new facilities, upgrade, rehabilitate and maintain existing facilities as identified in consultation with the client departments namely, Education, Health, Social Development and others. The Department is the technical implementing agent of the provincial departments with regard to construction and maintenance of provincial infrastructure. Infrastructure budget of all client departments is reflected at the relevant departmental budget votes.

The key functional areas therefore include:

  • Construction, maintenance and upgrading of a sustainable social and economic infrastructure.
  • Develop and sustain small and emerging contractors.
  • Empowerment of the targeted groups.

Policy initiatives include:

  • Accelerated infrastructure delivery.
  • Transformation of construction industry.

Property Management

The Department is responsible for managing the property portfolio of the province; provide accommodation for all provincial departments and other institutions as well as acquisition and disposal of land and property. Key functional areas include;

    • The demand for integrated accommodation for all provincial government departments.
    • Attainment of government’s broad socio economic objectives: property incubator programme.
    • Need for norms and standards for spatial allocation/utilization of office space.
    • Need for increased revenue generation
    • Rental payments

Policy initiatives include:

  • Transformation of the Property Industry including Property Incubation Programme.
  • Implementation of the Government – wide Immovable Asset Management Act
  • Decentralisation and consolidation of office accommodation to districts for government
  • departments
  • Maintenance and revitalisation of property portfolio in line with National Infrastructure
  • Maintenance Strategy.
  • Compliance of buildings to Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

Infrastructure Performance Report, August 2012